The Meandering Mending

Thank you for holding.

Being on the mend for an injury, then becoming sick on top of it, and actually trying to get better has kept me from the barn.

I’m getting better, and hope to be immersed back in the normal rhythms of my life soon.  In other words, I should soon be spending my days un-toasty.  Definitely not in front of the fire with a good book and hot tea listening to Yo-Yo Ma.

I’ll be out alternately tromping or sliding in the mud (depends: frozen, or mucky?) with the rest of you.  Freezing.  Breaking ice on the water troughs with a broom handle.  In a soggy parka smelling of wet feathers, dog, and horses, smeared with mud, nostril prints, and green/orange saliva, with pockets full of linty peppermints, flaccid carrots, hoof picks, and tissues.  I’m looking thankfully forward to tall warm boots.  I’ll revert to my usual messy disarrayed state.  I believe fervently in helmets, so all these good hair days?  OVER.

In other words: BLISS.

Where are your bad horse trailer photos?    We know there are more!

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